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What Plumbers Recycle the Most

What is the most common thing that we get from plumbers? In this short video, All Recycling explains that .plumbers mostly recycle brass and pipe.

Difference Between # 1 and # 2 Pipe When Recycling

When recycling metal piping, we are often asked what is the difference between number 1 and number 2 piping. In this short video, All Recycling in Newburgh, New York explains the difference between the two and why number 1 earns a higher recycling price than number 2.

Recycling Old Lead Water Pipes

In the city of Newburgh, New York, there are still a lot of old lead water pipes, even though they have not been in use for over 50 years and are outlawed. These can be recycled and in this short video, All Recycling explains how lead water pipes can be recycled and what they can be repurposed for.

Recycle Your Automotive Rotors and Drums

Did you know that when recycling scrap metal, one of the highest payouts is for automotive rotors and drums? In this short video, learn why rotors and drums are worth more than other metals when recycling.

E-Waste Explosion: A Growing Concern

Many never consider the ramifications of the disposal of our electronic devices. But did you know that in 2010 for example, the United States disposed of some 2,439,000 tons of waste generated from electronic devices? Learn more about this e-waste and why it is a growing concern in the following infographic.

Old Mobile Phones: Reuse, Recycle, or Throw Away?

Mobile phone companies constantly entice consumers with offers of new phones if you carry your service with them. And while it is nice to have the latest in technology and performance, what is to become of your old mobile phone? This infographic looks at what you should do with your old mobile phones and devices.

100 Years of Iconic Stainless Steel Structures

Here is a timeline style infographic that celebrates 100 years of stainless steel in style. It reveals how stainless steel has been used in well known structures and buildings around the world.

The Life Cycle of a Mobile Phone

Many people today have the consensus that we are killing the planet with our mobile devices. However its not all doom and gloom. This infographic shows the life of a mobile phone and provides some interesting facts including the fact that today’s mobile devices can contain gold, silver, and even platinum.

Metal Composition of American Coins Since 1783

Many United States coins have a pretty rich history. From early coins like the three-cent piece and the half-cent to some of the more modern favorites like the Sacagawea dollar, there’s something for every coin enthusiast. Here is a visual chart that looks at the metal composition of American coins dating back to 1783, with ten different materials across dozens of various coins.

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